Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How I managed to save $22 and finish two dresses in two days.

It's been a while.

And if you don't know/didn't realize, I now live in San Francisco, California.

Sooooo, that means a bigger city.  (Bigger than Rochester, New York!)  And that also means free days at things.  Free days at museums, free days at places/events, so on and so forth.  I love it.  Especially since I just moved to this city and it's the best way possible to see more of it, for absolutely nada.

Yesterday, the first Tuesday of the month, was a free day at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park.  The Conservatory is a real gem in the city.  It's like stepping into another world once you enter the doors.  The temperature is at least 90 degrees and it's tropical and exotic.  Outside, there's beautiful flower gardens and people lounge around and have picnics.  They currently have a display on wicked and deadly plants.

Today, the first Wednesday of the month, is a free day at the San Francisco Zoo.  And, best of all, I live right outside the front gates.  Wonderful and weird.  Wonderful because I just need to step out and go to the zoo, it's convenient and easy.  Weird because sometimes, when I wait for the train (also by the zoo), I swear that I can hear the animals in there.  It's a bit off-settling.  But it's nice to walk around the zoo and view the animal feedings.  I think that the SF Zoo is a bit better than most zoo's that I've been to.  There's a great deal of conservation there and they make an effort for proper viewing for the viewers and comfort for the animals.

There are a lot more opportunities like these that happen around the city all the time, so I can say that living here is pretty opportunistic.

Lastly, I finally posted some finished projects on Burda Style.  Two dresses that I had finished but failed to photograph.  The first on the left, I created in response to a $200 Madewell dress.  I couldn't see buying something that I could easily sew.  The second is actually for a small photo project that I'm working on.  I'll post those when the project is finished.

A bit of a random post but I promise with the end of these next two weeks and final projects, things will settle down for a while and I'll be posting a lot more!

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