Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Best of May

I woke up today and it was cloudy.  The windows and streets were wet from rain and the cold weather seemed to sneak into our apartment.  There was the unrelenting sound of hammers driving nails into dry wall.  Whacks! Thud, thud thud! and whirrs! from all the construction below us.  [The apartment below us is currently being remodeled.] 

And yet I couldn't be happier. 

Because shortly after my rude awakening, I grabbed my computer and checked my daily blogs, emails and websites.  And boy was I happy to find that when I clicked on Burda Style, there I was!

On the front page.

Viewed by all to see!

I had been grouped together with some of the most creative sewers throughout the interwebs as one of Burda Style's: Best of May.

My inner Hiro Nakamura yelled out, "Yatta!" and I started to prance around the bedroom in my pajamas, all under the bewildered looks of Thom and Connor[The cat], who hadn't thoroughly woken up just yet.

Without making this into an overly long Academy of Awards Speech, where they awkwardly cut you off with the cue of some cheesy music,  I really do want to thank Burda Style, all of their sewing community, my followers, my friends and my family for watching and supporting me in my sewing adventures.  I think it's amazing that there is such a large community of sewers, all around the world, that reach out and help one another.  And I've been completely inspired and amazed by all that they do!

I used to think that sewing was old timey and outdated.  Trust me, my mother had made me some questionable clothing when I was younger.  (Matching pinafore dresses for my sister and I.  Ankle length flannel nightgowns.  Any one remember those acid washed jeans???  Yeah, I BEGGED her to make me a pair of black and white acid washed jeans.)  And looking in retrospect, I had thought that you could only make unflattering and old fashioned clothing articles that involved complicated instructions and intimidating sewing machines with scary looking needles.  Boy, was I wrong...

So you see, it's creative and supportive people like those at Burda Style and founding and nurturing people like my mom, that helped me realize that sewing can be more than what is shown to you.  Sewing can be whatever you want it to be and more. 


Put all my cheese aside, I truly am blessed and thankful to have overcome such negative thoughts and moved on to creating pieces that I now love to show others and wear.

To view my spot in this month's feature, head on over to Burda Style and click through their slideshow.

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