Monday, October 10, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt: Part III

Further continuation on my friends t-shirt quilt...and an apology for the long delay in posting!  Life is forever a busy thing my friends.

Anyway, I left off at cutting the strips that would frame each t-shirt piece for the quilt.  Below you can see that cutting process finished:
The shorter strips are for in-between each block and the longer strips connect each horizontal strip together.

Next, I laid out all the t-shirt blocks to get an idea of how I wanted to arrange them.  I always consider a wide range of things.  Is there a pattern?  Color choice?  Graphic choice?  With my friends permission, I ended up with this particular layout.

Next is piecing.  This part is probably my favorite and takes a good amount of time sitting down at the sewing machine.  As mentioned before, I decided to piece together small strips horizontally before attaching those long strips vertically.  (I ended up with 8 horizontal rows.)

Here is an idea of my rows and the piles that accumulated.

After finishing all eight rows, I needed to press open all the seams.  And here is where I currently am at with the quilt progress.  Next, I'll need to begin piecing vertically before finally quilting!  More to come.  :-)

UPDATE:  Check out all the all the progress of this quilt!

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