Saturday, November 5, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt:Part IV and updates

Remember this?

I have now come to this:
Pardon all the lack of ironing as of yet.  I really wanted to take that before and after photo!

I finished adding the small green bordering vertical strips to make very long width-wise blocks.  I then connected them together with long horizontal bordering green strips.  Did that make sense?  Basically I finished off piecing and sewing the face of the quilt together.

I ran into a couple minor issues along the way.  When I initially began sewing the long blocks together, I noticed that the t-shirt fabric was stretching.  And especially since I was about to join many loooong strips together, I felt it was best to stop, rip out the inital first seams and start again.  This time I stay-stitched all the edges before sewing the strips together.  Stay-stitching allowed me to keep the shape of the blocks together while connecting them to the green bordering fabric.  Great success.

Once I receive the batting in the mail, I'll be bringing the essence of the quilt together, pinning and finally actually quilting the quilt!  I'll keep you posted.

I realize that a month long absence of blogging deserves no excuse.  And quite frankly, I don't have one.   Just the typical one.  I am completely and utterly busy!

I do feel a lot of guilt and remorse for my absence on the interwebs and am trying hard to get back into blogging!

Might I try and renew some blogging-faith from my readers with the enticement of tutorials to come on making pinhole cameras?  Or how about this lovely, lovely, oh-so-lovely photograph below of some silky soft real leather I came upon this week!  I cannot wait to show you what I plan to do with it.

The best is yet to come my friends...

UPDATE:  Check out more this quilt's progress!

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