Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Granny Squares

A new phase begins!  I was searching around on Pinterest and found a photo of a lovely crocheted blanket via Ohdeedoh and was instantly inspired to start crocheting.  I loved that the blanket incorporated all kinds of left over yarn, in all colors, that would surely keep any short-attention-spanned crafter [like myself] occupied for days.

And what's even better is that I flew home to find that my mother was gifted with several boxes of FREE yarn from our church!  Jackpot!  So yesterday evening, I sat down and looked up some tutorials on how to crochet.  So different from knitting but not so you know what I mean?  Since then, I've been playing around and practicing with different size crochet hooks and getting a feel for how to create the granny squares.  It seems that I've traded my knits and purls for double crochet's and shells.

Here's my initial inspiration that I found on Pinterest [Via Ohdeedoh]:

Another inspiring piece via Crafty Crafty:
 And yet another [Via Whip up]:

Any crochet-ers out there?  Tips or hints for a beginner like me?  I'll have to keep you all posted on my progress!


  1. I learned crochet before I learned knitting, and I still think it's easier. Curious to see if you think so, too. And a bonus: granny squares are the best way to use up scrap yarns! Can't wait to see your first finished crochet project!

  2. I learned just a few crochets, I'm making a t-shirt rug. I think its easier than knitting and it doesn't hurt my fingers either... good luck,love the project idea!

  3. I crochet too, but I like knitting aswell. I'm a beginner and would love some tips from anyone else too. I haven't tried to make something like this before (why I haven't I?!) but I'd love to see your progress so please keep me updated!

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  5. I crochet but do not know how to knit. Been crocheting since I was just 8 . I am now 52. Love granny squares !