Tuesday, June 21, 2011

T-Shirt Dress Part I

Do you remember this size 3x women's t-shirt that I bought during my stay in New York?  This past weekend, I began my journey in improvisational sewing and trying to see what I can possibly achieve with an unwearable article of clothing and turning it into something more than desirable.

To begin with, I cut off the sleeves and collar.  Not only did this help me to visualize new possibilities but it also helped me see the discarded scraps as something useful.  (You'll see what I mean later on...)

After shaping the top portion of the front and back piece, I carefully measured out from the sides of the piece and drew a line with a fabric marker, creating an A-line shape.

Here you can see where I cut away the extra fabric. (which I also held on to!)  Can you begin the see the shape of a dress?

Next, I double folded all the raw edges near the top of each front and back piece.  I used an iron and pins to keep the double fold in place while I sewed across.

Remember that "extra" fabric I had cut from each side?  I decided that I wanted to add straps to the piece and I found that I could easily make a pair from these side scraps of fabric.

I measured out 3.5" from the already bound finished edge, drew a line with a fabric marker and cut it out using a pair of fabric shears.

Next, I sewed a 3/8" seam across the opposite longer side and across one of the openings, leaving one opening un-sewn.

I then flipped out the fabric so that the right side was out.  Instant straps!

This is basically where I left off.  I still need to fine tune the top edge of the dress, add the newly made straps and use a creative way to add back in the sleeves of the original shirt.  I will continue the rest of my progress in my next post, when I finish this project up!  Stay tuned...

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