Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lots of grannies and updates

 I'm finally back and settled in San Francisco after a very long and relaxing trip back home in New York.  I had a wonderful time catching up with family and many friends, chasing my nephew around the garden and just enjoying the East coast's hot and humid weather.  My mother had made two trips with me to Jo Ann Fabrics, a simple joy that I cannot get in San Francisco.  [I haven't decided it that's a good or bad thing.  Good, because if there were a store near me, I'd probably end up shopping and buying heavily discounted fabric every other day.  Bad, because it's hard to want to buy any of the expensive fabric found here.]  And being the savvy and veteran-ed traveler that I am,  I only packed a carry on suitcase for the whole two weeks.  So, needless to say, I ended up shipping back a couple boxes of fabric, yarn, notions and patterns.  I'm hoping to begin a new journey away from dress making and into pants and blouses!

 While waiting for my mum at a local Walmart, I found myself browsing through the womens clothing section and grew instantly inspired to take something unwearable and make it...well, wearable!  (Inspiration gained from NDAD)  As you can see from this shirt size, I would more than likely be swimming in it, rather than wearing it.  My goal is to transform it into a dress.  I'll be explaining this more in another post but I am absolutely excited to start improvisational sewing.

Finally, I wanted to share my grannies!  It had taken me nearly three evenings while at home and many Youtube videos and online tutorials, but I finally found a granny pattern that I like and will continue making into a small afghan.  The grannies that you see here still need to have the ends tied back into the square but I wanted to show my progress thus far.  It's amazing now many patterns and techniques you can make with grannies.  And like I mentioned before, I love how I can pick and choose which colors to add within each granny.  My goal is to eventually try granny flower patterns.  We'll see...  ;-)

So, to sum it all up, new inspiration, materials and projects ahead and summer semester just around the corner!  Busy, busy, busy!

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  1. Those are some great grannies! I'm going to try it as well, can you share where you found the pattern that was most helpful to you? I love the colors you used!