Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to Brooklyn

By James Gulliver Hancock, via All Buildings in New York

Photo by Eugene Nikiforov, via Brooklyn Flea

Today I'll be making my way back to the East Coast, staying in Brooklyn with a friend, before flying home for a mini vacation.  All this before fall semester on Sept. 1.  

There are many nice things about the West Coast and San Francisco in particular, but as they say, nothing compares to your first love.  New York happens to be mine.  It is the city in which all others shall forever be compared to.

Typically when I visit, I come prepared with a long list of places and things to do.  Perhaps this time around, there won't be so many expectations but appreciations and reminisces of places of the past.

And, on a random note, this will be my first red-eye flight.  (That I can remember, of course.)  I've been flying before I turned one year old, been across this country so many times that I lost count and have seen many luxuries and horrors of international flight.  It seems a bit odd that I never encountered a red-eye but I suppose there's a first for everything.  I even bought my first sleeping mask, though I doubt I'll be getting a good nights rest.  (I rarely ever sleep soundly on a flight.)

We shall see... 

I only hope that I make it to New York in one piece...perhaps a bit rumpled and grumpy, but one piece nevertheless.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I live in Brooklyn. So glad to see other people appreciate it when compared with the mammoth Manhattan. Hope you have a lovely trip!