Thursday, August 25, 2011

Through the lens

Here are some images from this past weekend in New York.  I checked out the Lomography Store in the West Village before deciding to buy one of the new Holga's at Adorama on W. 18th near Union Square.  I like the Lomography Store, believe me.  But I like Adorama's prices better.

After shooting the wedding in 'Jersey, I ended up visiting the Brooklyn Flea.  Had I more time and room in my suitcase, I would have bought a few vintage cameras while there.  In general, there was a nice mix of old, vintage and handmade goods.  Food stalls in the back beckoned and I ended up walking to the train with a huge Dough Donut.  You New Yorkers out there are verrrry lucky to have Dough Donut.  They're fresh, tasty and huge!  I had about five people stop and point at me with my donut on my way back.  It was insane.

I met up with a friend in DUMBO and tried my first lobster roll.  Mmm...later we headed to K Town and ate at Bon Chon for Korean chicken.  Double Mmmm.

As per usual, a great trip.


  1. I love this post and the changes you have made to the website. It is clean, fresh, but still fun. I have lived in Brooklyn for many years now and have not been able to capture it in photographs the way that you have done here. I do not think it is because you have an outside perspective. You just have a good eye and a great sense of lighting.

  2. Ahh Shinay, you're awesome. I love visiting you when I come to New York!

    ("Yeah boyeeeeee!")