Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blue and Black

There are two color combinations that I never seem to match up correctly.  Brown/Black and Blue/Black.  Perhaps it's because of my father.  He works as a principal and has to wear a suit and tie everyday.  Sometimes my mother has to help pick out his clothing the night before because he can't seem to make out the subtle difference between a dark blue/brown pant and a black sock.  Like wise, I can't seem to find success with outfits. 

Lately, browns and blacks have found a perfect harmony thanks to great riding boots that seem to be on every Rochester girl alike and anything from cute black leggings and tights to dark washes of black jeans.  This also works vice-versa.  But as for blue and black?  Besides your favorite pair of comfy jeans and a nice pair of black boots, where else do you see a successful matching?

Over the weekend I went out thrift-ing again with a friend managed to pair together some items to make a surprisingly workable outfit.  Not only that, but I renewed my love of cheap costume jewelry.
Cardigan:  Gap, Gift from friend
Dress:  Thrift Store
Belt:  J. Crew Outlet
Tights and Necklace:  Plato's Closet
Boots:  Seychelles

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