Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mustard Yellow

I really can't find a good logical explanation, but mustard yellow has got to be my favorite color of all times.  And I realize there are so many other brilliant and beautiful colors out there but honestly, I'm sticking to it.

Perhaps the reason is because I notice so many things in that specific color.  I find that like a big yellow school bus, the color just sticks out.  You can't really miss it because it catches your eye's attention right away.  Another idea that I associate the color with are sunny days and warmth.  And being stuck right in the middle of Rochester's cold winter season, a person would want nothing more than sunny days and warmth.

And when purchasing items and objects that I like?  Well you can assume that my first color choice will always be, mustard yellow.
I swear by all that I am, that one day when I buy a house, the first thing I will do is paint my front door mustard yellow.  I don't even care if the color looks mix-matched with the house. The house will have to fit with the color.

WARNING!  Eye's might roll after reading this paragraph! 
But my favorite dream car that I wish I could drive everyday for the rest of my life El Camino.  Yes yes yes!  I know!  Shush!  I am completely aware that GM doesn't make this unique model anymore and that the cars get literally 5 mls to the gallon BUT, I absolutely love them!  And of course, my choice color will be mustard yellow.
And of course, regarding all things clothes, yellow it usually is.  And I've mentioned before about the color yellow and Asian skin tone?  And really, I say boo to that.  Who ever follows that white after labor day rule anyway?  Not I.  And I especially won't follow any silly color rules as well regarding my favorite color, mustard yellow.

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