Friday, January 8, 2010

Current 2010 Loves

So to start off this 2010 year, I've decided to focus on something that I enjoy to do and really expand upon it for the whole year.  And the things I do enjoy are photography, shopping and cooking.  Hopefully by putting this down in writing, I'll have to follow through and actually do these things!  Lately, my so called passion for fashion has taken over and I have rediscovered my love of thrift-ing. 

Now, when I mention my made up verb, "thrift-ing", I mean going to second hand stores, family hand-me-downs, my grandmother's closets and garage sales.  I try to find vintage and old pieces of clothing that I try and force together into an appropriate outfit or accessories that I feel fond for in the moment that don't necessarily go with an outfit but are too unique to be left on a shelf.  And how about that thrill of about 10 items for under $20??  Sensible ladies alike must nod their heads in agreement.  I am one for a bargain deal.

And I realize it's not only I that has felt this excitement before.  Check out Liebemarlene Vintage or The Clothes Horse.  These girls blogs really take the idea of clothing, fashion, vintage ware and photography to a completely different level. 

So over the wintry and long holiday break, I ventured out to some local Salvation Army's and Amvet Centers.  And behold!  What gold I did find. 

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