Sunday, January 17, 2010

She had the heart of a Lyon

So yesterday was a very warm and sunny Rochester day.  And going on my thrift-ing kick, a friend and I made a trip to a small town called Lyons, NY to visit a new thrift store called "Be Thrifty".  Little did we know, that when we got there, there was a vacant town and a mean little closed sign hanging from the store's window.

Now coming from a small town, I should have realized that certain general rules need not apply to the small town attitude.  Certain situations like forgetting your wallet at the general grocery store and knowing that your word is good to pay it back as soon as you get home to retrieve that said wallet...only in a small town.  Or how about the town grapevine and the tempting appeal of hearing about your next door neighbor?  Be careful, it might turn around on you...but only in a small town.  And of course the leniency of store openings and closings?  If its a slow night and things are dwindling down, don't be surprised to find things closing before the 8pm closing time.  Some things are higher on the priority list, like dinnertime and Sunday Night Football, but only in a small town.

So really, I should have known better.  I wasn't all that irked to find the store I wanted to go to on Saturday closed and instead, I left with sentimental feelings and memories of my home town and it's quirky behaviors.

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