Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A picture is worth...

...one thousand words, or so they say.  But what a picture really can do is change the way you feel about things.  Photographs can really make a detrimental impact on how we relate to any subject matter. 

Take our most current event of today.  The disaster in Haiti.  I know that on my part I have heard the call and watched the news.  I've read the articles and felt the compassion build up inside me to reach out and help.  If anything, I would love the opportunity to go down to Haiti and rebuild.  But that's not what Haiti needs right now.  What the country needs is money readily available to help send down medical supplies, food and water.  And over these past days, I've heard that cry to help and donate money.  But it wasn't until I viewed an article and looked at the photographs did I really stop to think and feel and finally, give. 

A few photographs took my compassion and sympathy and turned it into empathy.  And I only hope that those out there that do feel how I did, can take a look and realize the disaster in that poor country and truly feel empathy for the country of Haiti and her people.

To view the article and photographs, please click here

*Viewer discretion is advised due to the graphic nature of the photographs.

Reputable Donation Sites:

American Red Cross

Habitat For Humanity


Courtesy of the Boston Globe, REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Courtesy of the Boston Globe, REUTERS/Hans Deryk
Courtesy of the Boston Globe, Getty Images/Marco Dormino/Minustah 

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