Saturday, January 9, 2010

A sunny Saturday in Rochester

What a joy.  Honestly, to be able to wake up and see the sun come streaming into your bedroom?  "Sigh"  Today is a rare Rochester sunny day.  Though it is very cold and in the 'teens, I'm sure everyone doesn't mind the cold so much when they look up and saw bright blue skies.

Today is "Erin's catch up" day.  Or is that for every Saturday we come across?  Since I missed some hours at work this week, I went in today to make them up.  Afterwards, I stopped by a Target and scoured through the bargain shelves and aisles.  I was lucky enough to find some colorful tights at $3.50 a piece.  And when I got home to try them on, size-wize, I laughed a little to myself for buying yellow colored tights...  My mother has always told me that yellow is an unfaltering color to my asian skin tone.  The tights won't disappoint her.
 When I got home, I realized that some friends were coming over for dinner, so I cleaned up a bit.  I ended up trying to organize the freezer in the process and came across some frozen pre-made X-Mas cookies that I had forgotten.  So in the oven they went!  I really am a sucker for cute seasonal looking cookies, recipes and cutters.  Shameful, really but soooo tasty!

And for dinner?  A Cuban braised beef with tomatoes and peppers over rice.  Sometimes I like to think I can cook well and when I do find a slightly ethnic dish that can satisfy the American in-grained creature of habit in me, I cook.  And really, if you ever do get a chance, try this recipe.  Though a lot of credit goes to the BF for actually getting it all together today and a co-worker for lending the Crockpot!

All in all, today was just nice to take the time and do the things that I've wanted to do during the busy week.  I used to hate catch-up Saturdays since they tended to be so typical but lately, I really do like to slow down and enjoy the little things.

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