Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Wash

Yesterday the BF and I made a trip out to wash his dirty car.  Now for some, washing a car in the middle of the Rochester's winter season seems a bit redundant and silly since it tends to switch between snow, sleet, slush and rain daily, but you'd be surprised to find a huge accumulation of stuck on salt and mud covering your entire vehicle.  So off to the instant wash we went. 

Maybe it's the new year but I can't help but become re-inspired to shoot more frequently during my days.  So as the wash passed through it's various stages of cleaning, I snapped some candid shots of the water trickling down the windows.  I know I sound pretty sentimental and all, but I love to rediscover such normal and mundane events that we all trudge through in life and turn them into something more grandiose.  Instead of going to get the car washed, it turned into a beautiful sequence of water patterns and light.  Silly but so true.  I think that photography can really change our feelings and ideas of what we normally know and see and turn them into something more heightened with a bigger sense of dignity and respect.

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